360° Rotating Multi-Functional Triangle Cleaning Mop

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  • Color: Automatic Squeezing Our 360 cleaning mop is push-pull automatic squeezing, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. You just need to push and pull gently to squeeze the water out of the mop head.
  • Product Dimensions: 8L x 5W x 10H Centimeters
  • Surface Recommendation: Floor
  • Item Weight: 300 Grams

Buy 360° Rotating Multi-Functional Triangle Cleaning Mop 

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The cleaning mop is designed in triangle shape and the dust mop head can rotate 360°.It is easy to clean and reach dead corners, such as sofa, bed, wall corners, ceiling corners and window corners.The mop has an efficient cleaning function for dust and hair, perfect for removing grease and dirt, so it also can be used for cleaning kitchens and shoes.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: The 360° rotating mop is equipped with thickened and encrypted microfiber mop cloth, which is very durable and can quickly absorb water within 5 seconds and has excellent adsorption capacity that traps the dust tightly. When used to wipe windows, save time and effort.This cleaning mop allows for hands-free wringing and controlled water release. No more bending over or wet hands!

EASY TO USE: This microfiber mop has the extra long 130 cm/51.2 inch (approx.) pole which makes it easy to reach dust locations, and the 360° rotating mop head allows you to leave no dust in dead corners, easily solving stubborn dust on walls, ceilings, and window corners.


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