Anti Slip Mat For Bathroom

700.00 349.00

  • Size: 45 cm X 5 m
  • Multiple Purpose Mat
  • Washable Anti Slip Mat/Sheet for Fridge, Shelf Liner, Kitchen Drawer mat
    Cupboard mat, EVA Material Shelf Liner
  • ElastPro Premium Quality EVA Anti-Slip Mat for Modular kitchen drawer, cupboard shelf, refrigerator shelf, book shelf , shoe rack, cabinet liner
  • Super Strong, Diamond textured, can put them under cups, dishes, phones, or on fruit plate, table, furniture etc. for anti-slip, decorative and hygiene purpose
  • Easy to clean and wash, stain resistant, waterproof, anti-bacterial, food grade
  • Protects shelves and drawers from dampness

Buy Anti Slip Mat For Bathroom

Bath mats are extremely necessary to keep one from slipping and smashing the head through the washroom. However, they may seem like another household item, and choosing the right one is tedious. You can check for different bathroom shower mats with a variety of materials, styles, and purposes available from various brands. These bath floor mats self-dry themselves before mold and bacteria can sit in them, providing the best hygiene you can ask for. They also soak up and deal with moisture and allow you to have a nice, fresh, and clean ambiance around the bathroom.


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