Handmade Print Clay Water Bottle, Mitti Water Bottle 1 Ltr

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  • Material: Clay
  • Color : Clay Brown
  • Capacity : 1 Litre
  • Organic Clay bottle
  • Made with Pure Organic Clay without any chemical process
  • This Bottle is handmade and hand painted with unharmful color
  • Easily carry water bottle to your workplace or school
  • Handmade Water Bottle by our Indian potter with handicraft painting for Natural looking

Buy Handmade Print Clay Water Bottle, Mitti Water Bottle 1 Ltr

A clay water bottle is a vessel crafted from natural clay, often with traditional methods that have been used for centuries. Here’s a detailed description:

Material: The bottle is typically made from high-quality clay, sourced from regions known for their clay deposits. This clay is carefully selected for its purity and ability to retain water without imparting any undesirable flavors.

Construction: Craftsmen shape the clay into a bottle form using traditional techniques such as hand-coiling or wheel-throwing. The bottle is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures to strengthen it and make it durable.

Design: Clay water bottles come in various designs and shapes, from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional. Some may have intricate patterns or motifs etched or painted onto the surface, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

Features of Handmade Print Clay Water Bottle

Porosity: Clay is naturally porous, which allows for the gradual evaporation of water from the bottle’s surface. This can help keep the water inside cool, especially in hot climates.
Natural Cooling: The evaporative cooling effect of the clay can help maintain the temperature of the water inside, keeping it refreshingly cool for longer periods.
Eco-Friendly: Clay water bottles are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bottles, as they are made from natural materials and are biodegradable.
Health Benefits: Unlike plastic or metal containers, clay is believed to have certain health benefits. It is said to impart a subtle earthy taste to the water and may also add trace minerals, depending on the clay’s composition.
Non-Toxic: When properly made and glazed, clay water bottles are non-toxic and safe for storing drinking water.
Usage: These bottles are commonly used for storing and carrying drinking water, whether at home, work, or during outdoor activities. They are especially popular in regions where traditional crafts are valued and where people are looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic.


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